"Cindy has been an essential element of our human resource department for both of our companies. She created our employee manual and keeps it updated. She has provided forms necessary to keep us in compliance with state regulations. When we are confronted with an employee/employer issue, she always knows the answer and resolution. She protects the employer while remaining fair to employees and within all laws and regulations for each state. Anything you need, Cindy knows the answer and will resolve the issue for you immediately."

Sharon Williams Rainey, Owner, My Neighbor's Network and Jeff Rainey, Founder & President, Equity Home Builders, Great Falls, VA


“I became the General Manager of the Las Campanas Owners Association fifteen months ago and there was a large need to obtain a Human Resource Management Firm. That is when I was introduced to Karen and Cindy and they have been invaluable to the Association. Their knowledge of state and federal regulations goes above and beyond. They have reworked our handbooks for three separate departments, provided us with human resource documents, policies and procedures, employee review documents and have rewritten job descriptions. They should be applauded for the quality of work that they produce and deliver. Stone Associates is by far the most outstanding Human Resource Firm I have worked with in over twenty years in the industry. I would highly recommend them to any type of organization from small business to large scale.” 

Kim Visser, General Manager, Las Campanas Owner’s Association, Santa Fe, NM


"Like most small business owners, I am the Information Technology, Human Resources, Financial, and Marketing Departments for my business. Time is an asset in short supply. Stone Associates has helped me tremendously with my human resources needs. Having Stone Associates on my side is like having a large company with a professional HR Department ready to meet my needs. They have produced a quality employee handbook and human resources-related documents and they greatly simplified the hiring process for me. Now, I cannot imagine running my business without Stone Associates."
Cyndi Wells, Owner, Pet Pangaea LLC in Los Alamos, NM


"Cindy and Karen have been an invaluable resource for my business. I started my business knowing very little about Human Resources so I was relieved when I met them at a Northern New Mexico Human Resource Association meeting. Karen was the Board President at the time and Cindy also served on the Board. They initially rewrote my Employee Manual, outlining my company’s policies and procedures as well as adding federal and state laws that I was not even aware of. Whenever an issue comes up that we don’t know how to deal with, we call them. They respond promptly and work through the problem with us until it is resolved. I’m quite sure they have saved us money with their advice and expertise. I would highly recommend them!"

Leslie Van Pelt, Owner, Comfort Keepers of North Central New Mexico


"Human resources management is one of the most challenging aspects of running an organization. As an independent school we do not have internal staff resources with the knowledge or experience to handle a comprehensive analysis and the compliance updating of our Employee and Student/Family Handbooks. Cindy Murphy reviewed our policies and procedures and provided us with fully editable content recommending updates to the critical content areas including regulatory and legal requirements. She knew what information needed to be added or updated based on the specific profile of an organization our size. Stone Associates offers scalable services and solutions for small to mid-sized organizations."
Teresa Ankney, Head of School, The Friendship School, Eldersburg, MD


"I would like to write a brief recommendation for Cindy Murphy, with whom I worked  on an opportunity in the Baltimore, Maryland area.  Being an active job seeker is difficult, but Cindy showed me professionalism and demonstrated that a recruiter can be an invaluable resource; she was empathetic, provided advice regarding the position I was interviewing for and offered recommendations on how to improve my job search."
Brooke Dasgupta, Columbia, MD


"Karen is an excellent asset for any company to have. She has incredible knowledge of Human Resources, not to mention a keen intuition for handling situations. I run a small software development firm with my husband and without Karen's assistance, we would not be as successful as employers. I would recommend Karen immediately as a consultant for any business, including mine."
Cheryl Morecraft , CCSTM Computing, Newark, DE


"I have worked with Karen, on behalf of WSFS Bank, and have found great value in partnering with her. And that is how I see my business partner. We talk though situations, Karen walks through  possible solutions and then we agree on our plan of action.   Karen consults with me; I never feel like she is selling to me. She understands my business needs and truly cares about our relationship. Our values align; we both want to do the right thing. And as simple as that sounds, getting there is often a series of steps; taking those steps with Karen is not only a good learning experience, it is fun too. I am grateful for our partnership and look forward to enriching it over the years."
Peggy H. Eddens, EVP, Human Capital Management, WSFS Bank